3D-модель внутрипольного конвектора ITTZ
3D-модель внутрипольного конвектора ITTZ 1 3D-модель внутрипольного конвектора ITTZ 2


  • Height: 7.5sm, 9sm, 11sm, 14sm, 19sm
  • Width: 20sm, 25sm, 30sm, 35sm, 40sm
  • Length: from 60sm up to 500sm (adding 10sm at a time)


  • Composition: 0.9mm galvanized steel with powder coating

Heat exchanger

  • Copper tube diameter 15,88mm
  • Tube wall-thickness 0,5mm
  • Aluminum lamella thickness 0,3mm
  • Space between lamella plates 7-8mm
  • Heat transfer agent temperature up to 130°C
  • Working pressure 15atm.
  • Test pressure up to 25atm.
  • Connection nozzles: side strip, end strip G1/2
  • Installation: can be installed into copper, steel or metal-plastic tubes in single-phase and two-phase heating systems.

Delivery set

  • Leveling mounts and fasteners

ITTZ series in floor trench convectors

ITTZ in floor trench convection heaters are represented by a new series of contemporary heaters which have secure galvanized steel cases and are equipped with heat exchangers. Quality assembly and exclusive materials and accessories yield best operational characteristics.

Trench convectors: key features and main advantages

ITTZ is a specifically developed series of home heaters that retain key features of itermic convectors. To meet the demands of contemporary lifestyle we substituted the use of some components which made ITTZ series more affordable and attractive for our customers without compromising the quality and technical features of these convectors. Due to their small dimension and wide range of standard sizes ITTZ series convectors can be installed even in shallow floor trenches. These convectors are easy to install and maintain due to their specific configuration. Decorative grille that conceals the heat exchanger is capable of complementing any room interior. ITTZ series hydronic convectors – are perfect heating solution for specific interiors particularly with French doors and offer both high quality and most attractive price.

10 year guarantee for the heat exchanger and 2 year guarantee for the tub