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ITTB adaptor module

ITTB Adaptor Module

itermic ITTB adaptor module is used for controlling fans with induction motor AC220V from thermostats and other 3-position control units.

Fergas NCB 30x350 tangential fan

Fergas NCB 30x350 fan

The popular range of Fergas NCB 30 fans is widely used in various applications such as electric fireplaces, dishwashers, medical equipment and in cooling appliances.

Fergas NCB 45x300 tangential fan

Fergas NCB 45x300 fan

Mid-range Fergas NCB 45x300 fan is regularly used in electric fireplaces, microwave ovens and refrigerators.

Fergas NCB 45x300 L+R tangential fan

Fergas NCB 45x300 L+R fan

Fergas NCB 45x300 L+R Double crossflow blower is Fergas NCB 45x300 fan’s modified version which offers stronger airflow and higher capacity.