trench convector 3D-model
trench convector 3D-model 1 trench convector 3D-model 2


  • Depth: 9sm, 11sm, 14sm, 19sm
  • Width: 25sm, 30sm, 35sm, 40sm
  • Length: starting from 80sm (adding 10sm at a time) up to 500sm


  • 0.9mm galvanized steel with 2 side polymeric finishing

Heat Exchanger

  • Copper tube diameter 15,88mm
  • Copper tube wall-thickness 0,5mm
  • Aluminum lamella thickness 0,3mm
  • Space between lamella plates 4,5-5,5mm
  • Heat transfer agent temperature up to 130°C
  • Working pressure 15atm.
  • Test pressure 25atm.
  • Connection nozzles: Side strip, end strip G1/2"
  • Installation: can be installed into copper, steel or metal-plastic tubes and into single-phase and two-phase heating systems.

Delivery set

  • Ball valve with discharge tap
  • Leveling mounts and fasteners


  • These convectors can be manufactured with a stainless steel casing

ITTB Series Trench Convectors

ITTB Series Trench Convectors with forced convection are equipped with an electric fan and are especially designed for in-floor mounting. Fans increase the convector’s heating capacity providing higher heating efficiency. This series comes with tangential fans. They are easily controlled by household thermostats via climate control and smart home systems.

ITTB series trench convectors with forced convection are low profile (9sm and 11sm) and are installed into low depth trenches.

For security reasons as well as for aesthetics these convectors are also equipped with aluminum and wooden decorative grilles like ITT trench convectors.

You can also order an automation system to come with the set.

10 year guarantee.