3D-модель внутрипольного конвектора ITTBL
3D-модель внутрипольного конвектора ITTBL


  • Depth: 9cm, 11cm, 14cm, 19cm
  • Width: 22cm, 28cm, 34cm, 40cm
  • Length: starting from 80cm (adding 10cm at a time) up to 500cm


  • 0.9mm galvanized steel with 2 side polymeric finishing

Heat Exchanger

  • Copper tube diameter 15,88mm
  • Copper tube wall-thickness 0,5mm
  • Aluminum lamella thickness 0,3mm
  • Space between lamella plates 4,5-5,5mm
  • Heat transfer agent temperature up to 130°C
  • Working pressure 15atm.
  • Test pressure 25atm.
  • Connection nozzles: Side strip, end strip G1/2"
  • Installation: can be installed into copper, steel or metal-plastic tubes and into single-phase and two-phase heating systems.

Delivery set

  • Ball valve with discharge tap
  • Leveling mounts and fasteners


  • These convectors can be manufactured with a stainless steel casing

ITTBL series in floor convectors

The ITTBL series built-in convectors with fan is a special line of highly efficient water heating devices designed for installation in shallow surfaces. Due to its low height, like the ITTL series devices, ( 7 or 9 cm height options), the devices will save space.

ITTBL series is able to make the room more functional, and at the same time give an aesthetic perfection to the interior. The compact box of the device is easily mounted in a window sill, countertop, niche. Decorative grilles made of aluminum and wood are perfect for any interior, because they are harmoniously matched to the shade and type of flooring. ITTBL series recessed heating convectors are an economical and safe choice for offices with large glazing areas, country cottages and apartments with panoramic windows. ITTBL series devices are capable of creating a powerful and reliable thermal barrier to cold.

Advantages of water heating convectors ITTBL series:

  • Equable heating of rooms of any area in the minimum time.
  • Reliable assembly, use in the production of high-quality materials and components from European market leaders.
  • Long warranty period (up to 10 years).
  • A wide range of sizes, the ability to manufacture by individual standards.
  • The built-in FERGAS fan of the NCB series is completely silent, provides an even distribution of heat in the space of the room.
  • Resistance to corrosion.
  • The durability, high efficiency and reliability of floor-mounted convectors from the Russian manufacturer itermic, not inferior in performance to their foreign counterparts - all this allows for an effective import substitution policy in the domestic market.
  • Thanks to the built-in fan, the room is heated up to 10 times faster than using conventional heating radiators.

10 years guarantee.