With natural convection

3D-модель внутрипольного конвектора itt

With forced convection

3D-модель внутрипольного конвектора ittb

Trench convectors for elegant interiors

Trench convectors are quite an uncommon type of heating devices designed to suit rooms with large expanses of floor to ceiling glass windows. These convectors are also extremely useful for designers interiors which fail to embrace wall radiators.

In floor trench convectors are widely available on the Russian market and come in a variety of brands and models, which are manufactured both in Russia and abroad. They are classified according to their dimensions, heating capacity, control system and operational characteristics.

According to convection heat transfer trench convectors are classified into two groups: convectors with natural convection (when the air flow is induced by density differences caused by the temperature variations in the fluid) and convectors with forced convection (when the air flow is caused by an external agent such as fan). The latters are more efficient (provide faster room heating) and more expensive.

itermic - high standard domestic brand

Being manufactured in Russia itermic in floor trench convectors are the most technologically accomplished brand on the domestic market. Our brand is reliable and energy efficient due to the use of only the latest and highest quality accessories available from Europe's leading manufacturers (heat exchangers, fans and decorative grilles) and domestic components (aluminum profiles and galvanized steel).

Hydronic trench convectors are easily installed into concrete and wooden finish floors of different designs and due to elegant decorative grilles match any decor or floor finish. Tube heating elements are also fitted sub-floor to maintain a room's aesthetics. In floor trench convectors require easy maintenance like wall radiators.

Take advantage of purchasing itermic brand convectors (trench convectors or convector radiators) and decorative grilles with delivery option by dialing: +7 (495) 997-47-97. Delivery service is available in Moscow and on the territory of the Russian Federation. The number of ordered items at a time is not restricted. We can also provide specifically tailored non-standard dimension convectors to meet the demands of both your home and your lifestyle.

Benefits and advantages of installing itermic brand In Floor Trench Convectors:

  • Provide fast room heating
  • Withstand high pressure with excellent resistance to its critical variations
  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Available in a wide range of standard types and dimensions
  • Are switched to the hydronic central heating system
  • Can function both as main heating system and as alternative heating source
  • Have maximum guarantee period
  • Their maximum length is 5 meters