3D-модель внутрипольного конвектора itf
3D-модель внутрипольного конвектора itf


  • Height: 80sm, 130sm, 200sm, 300sm, 400sm, 500sm
  • Width: 80sm, 130sm, 200sm, 250sm, 350sm

Heat Exchanger

  • Copper tube diameter 15,88mm
  • Copper tube wall-thickness 0,5mm
  • Aluminum lamella thickness 0,3mm
  • Space between lamella plates 7-8mm
  • Heat transfer agent temperature up to 130°C
  • Working pressure 15atm.
  • Test pressure 25atm.
  • Connection nozzles: Side strip, end strip G1/2"
  • Installation: can be installed into copper, steel or metal-plastic tubes and into single-phase and two-phase heating systems.

ITF Series Convector Radiators

Convector radiator consists of a heat exchanger and an outer metal case.

Heat exchanger is made of aluminum plates and copper pipes with bottom feeding.

Convector's one-piece outer case is made of galvanized steel with anti-corrosion coating.

Convector radiators offer increased efficiency through the ability to immediately reach optimal room temperature and maintain it despite various ambient factors.

Thanks to their construction and efficiency, convector radiators are perfect solution for apartment and office heating while due to their elegant design they complement almost every interior.