Itermic heating convector range

Hydronic heating convectors are proven method of heating among other convection units (hydronic, electric and gas) as hydraulic heating has long been the system of choice in Russia.As heating units they have evolved to be one of the most efficient ways to heat all types of accommodations, public spaces and production areas.

itermic hydronic heating convectors range in three groups according to their installation method:

  • Wall convectors;
  • In floor trench convectors;
  • Convector radiators

Wall convectors are of course the most popular heating solution as they completely meet current construction requirements adopted by the Russian Federation and can substitute previously applied heating units.

Trench convector is a unit which is installed sub-floor. This method of installation is slightly more complex than any other but it is worth the efforts! The convector itself and the tube heating element are fitted within walls or under floors. Convector radiator is a combination of trench and wall convectors option.

Benefits of itermic convection heating

Convection heating, as to consumers, offers increased efficiency by quickly heating up the air and reaching the desired room temperature, regardless the room dimensions or furnishing, as well as by maintaining the comfortable living environment temperature due to low energy consumption.

Heating convector is an efficient heating unit which is distinguished by exclusive slot channels. When circulating through these channels the air molecules obtain greater heat opposed to the molecule transfer in conventional heating radiators. Deflector provides even warmth throughout the room.

There are plenty of compelling reasons why to choose heating convectors, but you will double your benefit by picking itermic brand convectors. They not only possess competitive operating characteristics but are also cost effective. This is due to the fact that our convectors are manufactured in the Russian Federation using high quality European accessories.

Purchase itermic brand heating convectors

Convectors are the most efficient form of home heating. Not only cost efficiency and perfect heat performance but primarily their exceptional design makes itermic convectors a stylish focal point on the market. Contemporary consumers are not limited to conventional home heating they require comfort. itermic convection heating units guarantee your comfort!

On our website you can purchase hydronic heating convectors – wall convectors, convector radiators and in floor trench convectors – that come in a variety of sizes and heat production capacity. itermic brand convection heating units are now available in a range of stores but you can also purchase them from us.

We guarantee unsurpassed quality regardless the type and quantity of itermic hydronic heating convector you desire to purchase. We are absolutely confident in our product as we manufacture it! To complete our convectors we also provide a range of elegant grilles to match your decor. If you choose itermic for your heating solutions you can make your order by the following telephone number: +7 (495) 997-47-97.


Warmth and Comfort

Our new ITTB adaptor module will ensure a comfortable and tranquil sleep during night. It enables you to regulate your fan speed by setting it at minimal velocity, so that you can enjoy undisturbed sleep and comfort.

Controlled heat

Since July 2014 itermic has cooperated with Siemens. As a result we are offering you automated heat control units, as well as elements of "smart home" system.

New Products

From April 2014 we are releasing our new range of convector radiators with updated design that come in three color palette. An elegant mix of simple shapes.

Experts at your service

We are pleased to offer you our new service: punching, bending and other operations with sheet metal at your request.

Exclusive warmth

Each house is unique, so let's complement every part of your home with exclusive warmth and comfort.Consider our custom-made corner and angle trench convectors with challenging configuration.

itermic convectors on Russian market

We are proud to introduce itermic premium class heating units on the Russian market and for Russian consumers.

Thanks to their reliability, efficiency and exclusive design our products can compete with world's leading brands.

itermic brand is presented in the range of trench convectors with grilles of wood and aluminum and convector radiators. We are convinced that exceptional quality and reasonable prices will ensure itermic’s leading position on the Russian heating market.