Lateral Grilles

3D-модель продольных решеток itermic серии lga

itermic offers its own complete line of decorative grilles for itermic trench convectors. Our grilles are produced of wood and aluminum. For wooden grilles oak and beech solutions are most preferable due to their wearing capacity and endurance. Aluminum is a financially affordable option. It is wearproof and ideally suited to anodizing (an electrochemical process that converts aluminum surface into durable, corrosion-resistant finish).

itermic wooden grilles are manufactured in transverse design only. They also come in a limited but extremely popular color palette: wenge - for daring modern interiors, nut-brown - for classic designs.

itermic aluminum grilles have transverse and lateral design. Their choice depends on the designer's style preferences. Our aluminum grilles have wider and more gradual color variations: natural – natural aluminum color, gold, brown, black. We also offer customized RAL Classic palette coating at your request.

Though trench convector decorative grilles are perfect interior elements, safety aspects are paramount. To ensure safe and durable functioning of the convector proper maintenance and weight restrictions should be applied.