Fergas 1 Tangential blower image
Fergas 1 Tangential blower image Fergas 2 Tangential blower image


  • Height: 47.5mm
  • Length: 422mm
  • Width: 78mm
  • Weight: 0.4-0.6kg

Nominal data

  • Rated voltage: ~230V
  • Rated current: 44-50mA
  • Power input: 8.4W
  • Air flow: 87m3/h
  • Max pressure increase: 12.2...12.7 Pa
  • Speed: 2400-2500 min-1

Fergas NCB 30x350 Tangential blower

The popular range of Fergas NCB 30 tangential blowers is widely used in various applications such as electric fireplaces, dishwashers, medical equipment, convection heaters and in cooling appliances. It is offered in lengths from 106mm to 350mm. Fergas NCB 30 is a perfect solution for applications with limited space and strict sound level requirements.


  • reduced noise level at high air flow and low counter pressure;
  • high air delivery at low flow rates;
  • high cooling performance due to the discharge cross section;