Convector radiators

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Wall convectors

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Classics in style: hydronic wall convectors

Wall convectors are commonly applied as heating solutions in buildings of various configuration and types. These sophisticated and effective heating units have small dimensions and can be installed in different room zones. They also possess little weight which enables mounting them on lightweight wall panels.

Itermic hydronic wall convectors are elegant in style and can complement any room or office interior. When ordering wall radiators our customers can have their convector tub color customized to their preferences.

Alternative to wall convectors.

There exist a number of reasons that make using hydronic wall convectors less reasonable

  • low window sill level (below the upper edge of the heating unit);
  • impossible wall mounting;
  • unique interior design;

Convector radiators which are more autonomous and safe due to secure metal case and standard lamella system are perfect alternative to wall convectors. Convector radiators are mounted onto the floor and provide fast heat emission and immediate space warm up.

Convector radiator as interior decor element.

In the interior convector radiators are installed in more exposed areas compared to wall convectors. Therefore they can be used as elegant details of a room decor. When decorating interiors designers seek new solutions by applying convector radiators as footings for decorative benches or install the entire heating construction above the floor level.

Though thanks to their stylish appearance and aesthetically attractive profile convector radiators can remain unconcealed and complement room's interior.

Convector radiator installation and mounting.

Installation of convector radiators does not require any special skills. Yet to avoid undesired risk and complications and to guarantee your heating system's safe and uninterrupted functioning, it is recommended to apply to an installation service specialist.

Choosing itermic product

Itermic offers you a wide range of wall convectors and convector radiator models which differ in their heating capacity and composition. We guarantee the premium quality and reliability of our product and offer you most attractive prices.

Itermic wall convectors and convector radiators are perfect combination of efficiency and elegant appearance. Our heating units not only help maintain optimal room temperature while reducing running heating costs but also serve as aesthetically attractive room decor elements.