3D-модель настенного конвектора itf-w
3D-модель настенного конвектора itf-w. Вид спереди. 3D-модель настенного конвектора itf-w. Вид сзади.


  • Height: 20sm, 30sm, 40sm, 50sm, 60sm
  • Width: 10sm, 15sm
  • Length: 80sm - 300sm


  • Composition: 0.9 mm galvanizes steel covered with RAL powder coating

Heat exchanger

  • Copper tube diameter 15,88mm
  • Copper tube wall-thickness 0,5mm
  • Aluminum lamella thickness 0,3mm
  • Space between lamella plates 7-8mm
  • Heat transfer agent temperature up to 130°C
  • Working pressure 16 atm.
  • Test pressure up to 24 atm.
  • Connection nozzles: lower end strip G1/2
  • Installation: can be installed into copper, steel or metal-plastic tubes and into single-phase and two phase heating systems

Delivery set

  • Wall-mount brackets

ITF-W series wall convectors

ITF-W series hydronic convectors are represented by classical wall models which are the most affordable and optimal alternative to standard aluminum and bimetallic radiators.

Advantages of wall convectors

Wall hydronic convector have small dimensions and are lightweight. They are easily mounted on different surfaces and provide fast and efficient room heating. Besides they match any interior due to their solid case and color palette and can be covered by decorative heat resistant membrane.

Wall mounted convectors are capable of reducing your running heating costs and are most cost-effective compared to other heating units.

You can also order automation system to come with the set

10 year guarantee;.